Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The End?

I haven't trown up all week. Am I still pregnant?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Freak out!

So embarrassed in from of myself! I freaked out and threw stuff all over the house, kicking and screaming, because I couldn't find my keys and needed to go run an errand real fast. Got so upset that I began throwing up. Stupid keys were in my pocket.
And later that evening, after craving egg drop soup all day, I walked to a Chinese resaurant wich turned out to be closed and began bawling about it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Please Don't Be My Doctor!

kermit Pictures, Images and PhotosYesterday I had my first visit to the doctors. They did a lot of questioning and some blood work. They also listened for a heart beat and did not get one yet. They say that my due date is April 17; however, I still believe it is later due to my long cycles. I am not at a regular OB/Gyn office which makes me uncomfortable. I am at the Community Health Center so the doctors are just family practice dudes and the doctor assigned to me is just a resident. I haven't actually seen him yet. The doctor that I did see was super weird looking. When I first saw him while I was in the waiting room I silently prayed that he wouldn't be my doctor. Straight from a western movie (boots, wranglers, leather stringy neck thingy with gun holster accesory to keep it fastened, two long hangy beard thingies on each side of his chin). The only doctor thing about him was the stethescope. I have this day-nightmare when looking at him of him doing a gyn exam or a sugery and his beards getting down in in the mess. I think that I am going to call around and see if I can't go someplace else where the doctors look more normal. I can do that now that I have MEDICAID!!!!! Thats right! I don't have to worry about that anymore. I am going to survive financially. Why stay at the ghetto community health center if I don't have to, right? I feel kind of bad saying that since one day my husband will be a resident and people will have to let him be their doctor before he becomes an official physician. Brady said he even has to do some rotations there later this year. But this is my first baby. Can't I be the practice rat later?! That is if there is a later. Mothers must forget all about this first trimester business or I don't see why anyone would do it again.
What else is new... I have the boobs of a Victoria's Secret model! Thats nice to look at, but why do they have to hurt so much! However, they don't hurt quite as much as they did that first month. So overall I would say I am looking pretty hot. I have lost a couple pounds due to the vomiting and haven't started to show any pregnancy signs on the outside. My shape is quite nice. The only downer is my face. I have acne and can't do much about it because acne medication isn't to be used during pregnancy.
I finished a great pregnancy book that I highly recommend. It is called The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy. It cracked me up. There is nothing better than learning and being entertained at the same time. Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy Pictures, Images and Photos
Thats all for now.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Spagetti Yay!

I had two helping of Spagetti for dinner tonight about 2 hours ago and they remain in my belly. I am so happy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scratch my previous post

The smell of my own crap made me puke. Great ): It was nice while the vacation lasted.

Haven't vomited since Sunday morning!?

Not quite sure why its stopped, but its a nice vacation.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pregnant Pukes

They need a new name for morning sickness. If that is the name, then that should be the only time the sickness is allowed to happen. I get sick then, but I get sick at noon, 3, and 7 too. So, my new name for it is The Pregnant Pukes. If anyone has any other suggestions let me know.
I thought I had gotten them nailed to predictability for a while there, no puking after 4 pm. But that changed yesterday when after the first morning puke I didn't puke again until evening, where I did so with a vengeance in the Perkin's bathroom. We are talked Exorcist propulsion, volume, and duration. Such force that after reaching the toilet with still more energy to burn it splooshed out onto the floor and my feet. Wow, don't ever think you are safe and drink a whole glass of Sprite!
An interesting thing I have found it that I do have a little control over when it happens sometimes. For example, later yesterday evening at Walmart I was able to change my mind mid-dry-heave when I realized that the bathroom there was even too dirty for such a foul act. I just decided I couldn't do it there and got up and left.
And much to my dismay, sitting around watching movies and taking it easy does not help the Pregnant Pukes. In fact, quite the opposite. I thought I was getting an excuse to do nothing, but to no avail. Doing stuff actually helps. Oh well, maybe when I get fat I can use that as my excuse.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No More Fat Days!

I went shopping with my friend Kelly who is also pregnant (I believe she is 22 weeks) at a store I think is called Motherhood and bought a few things and I had a realization. Why deal with regular pants ever? I can't believe we women have been subjecting outselves to non-expandable waist bands all these years. I mean who ever has a consistent waist line? Pants that fit in the morning need to be unbuttoned by dinner. Pregnant women get the luxory of jeans with elastic bellies. I plan on wearing these jeans as soon as possible! Who needs to wait till your showing to get in on these awesome clothes?! I might just wear these sorts of pants for the rest of my life. No more fat days! Free to bloat without fear!!

P.S. My toilet and I are getting really close these days.