Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pregnant Pukes

They need a new name for morning sickness. If that is the name, then that should be the only time the sickness is allowed to happen. I get sick then, but I get sick at noon, 3, and 7 too. So, my new name for it is The Pregnant Pukes. If anyone has any other suggestions let me know.
I thought I had gotten them nailed to predictability for a while there, no puking after 4 pm. But that changed yesterday when after the first morning puke I didn't puke again until evening, where I did so with a vengeance in the Perkin's bathroom. We are talked Exorcist propulsion, volume, and duration. Such force that after reaching the toilet with still more energy to burn it splooshed out onto the floor and my feet. Wow, don't ever think you are safe and drink a whole glass of Sprite!
An interesting thing I have found it that I do have a little control over when it happens sometimes. For example, later yesterday evening at Walmart I was able to change my mind mid-dry-heave when I realized that the bathroom there was even too dirty for such a foul act. I just decided I couldn't do it there and got up and left.
And much to my dismay, sitting around watching movies and taking it easy does not help the Pregnant Pukes. In fact, quite the opposite. I thought I was getting an excuse to do nothing, but to no avail. Doing stuff actually helps. Oh well, maybe when I get fat I can use that as my excuse.

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