Saturday, December 12, 2009


I am not sure I want to keep growing. Pregnant bellies are starting to freak me out. I cannot bare to think of how large I am going to grow. I already can barely stand the sight of my big belly now. I've gained about 9 pounds in the last 5 weeks! But I guess that makes up for not gaining anything in the weeks before that. I'm right about at the average pregnancy weight gain for my 22 weeks now. But, hopefully I don't continue to grow at this rate. I'll take a pound a week max from now on thank you.

On another note, I feel the baby move daily. It feels weird. Kind of like big gas bubbles, but not in the usual gas spots and without the gas finding its way out.

I wish I were done already, or at least closer to being done. I know it will go fast, but I'm just not looking forward to the big uncomfortable phase. My friend Kelly is in her last month and she doesn't look like she's having fun. She doesn't even have regurgitation or reflux like I have. That lucky duck never even threw up. Hopefully I am rewarded for my ailments with a nice happy baby.

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