Friday, March 26, 2010

Almost time!

Three more weeks till my due date. I am super excited to have the baby in my arms and not my belly. Everything looks right on track. I am measuring exactly where I should. Her heart rate is good. She seems to be head down. Next week they will start to check my cervix to see if I am dilating.
I am going to try to be off Trazadone by the time she gets here. I didn't take any last night and didn't sleep well, but as long as I don't get the crazy withdrawal effects I am going to be okay. I figure my body will eventually have to give in to sleep. I am okay with having trouble with that; I mean I am having a hard time from pregnancy itself. What I am worried about is the discontinuation syndrome that I got last time I tried to stop. Good thing is this time I am have a doctors help.
On new pregnancy side effects I have to add painful hands and feet. Its tough to close a fist. They don't look obviously swollen but they do feel odd and uncomfortable.
I have started to wash baby clothes and blankets and I packed my hospital back. So now I am ready whenever she is. But I gotta be patient!

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