Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sick and Pregnant

So I have been in various stages of sick since the end of February. It started with a cough and congestion in the morning for a week, then it went to killer sore throat, low fever and body aches for a couple days, then my nasal passages all but swelled shut. Thats what I've slowly recovering from now. My throat is still sore and my nostrils are still swollen but I am managing with some Sudafed, Netti Pot rinses, and an indugent nasal spritz before bed. It feels like this is lasting forever and I hope I don't catch something else before I get better. Good news for me is today at my OB appointment he declared that I have lost three pounds (probably from being sick) so I decided I deserved a bag of donuts as a reward for all my suffering. I am so in love with pastries lately and chocolate milk. I have been drinking a lot of chocolate milk to make up for all the time that it made me sick earlier in my pregnancy.

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