Friday, April 16, 2010

Its a long wait till Christmas

That is what my doctor said when he walked into the room today. He had promised me a couple weeks ago that she would be here by Christmas and that he is always right on his predictions. With the way the days are dragging on, it feels like a couple Christmases should have passed by now. I am still not dilated...... but I am about 75% effaced. I was unaware, but last week he put me at around 25% effaced. So I am making some progress!! If I continue at this rate I could go into labor sometime this week. Take note that my due date is tomorrow though, so that would be ideal for me. I have another office appointment scheduled for next Friday, if I don't go into labor before then. And at that point they will schedule an induction for the next Monday or Tuesday (26th or 27th). Please Please Please pray that I don't need that. I really don't want an induction. However, if that is the way things happen, at least my mom will be there for the delivery since she can drive out over the weekend. Well that's all for now. Maybe I will take a 40 week photo tomorrow.

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