Thursday, January 14, 2010

Urinary Tract Infection

Yesterday I woke up with super super discomfort down there. I went into the ob gyn and they did a catheter urine collection (super not fun). Now I am taking some antibiotics for a Urinary Tract Infection. I hate hate hate UTI! It feels like life should just stop until I get relief.
I also went to see a psychiatric nurse yesterday. She is starting me on Zoloft to see if we can't get me through this pregnancy in one piece.
Then I had quite the breakdown last night because I couldn't get my internet router to work right. I want to watch Netflix on my Xbox, but since I have started to use a router my internet signal is either super low or dies out, which turns off whatever movie I am watching. After a bad day all I wanted was to just relax with a movie but instead I spent about two hours on the phone with my brother trying to fix it and it still isn't fixed. Not only that but the connection isn't secure so whatever Joe Shmo wants to steal my signal is free to it. Every time I secure the signal I lose it altogether. And I just can't get over it and walk away. I just think about it over and over. Who I should call or see or google to get it fixed... What I should say to them... Ideas about whats wrong or how I can fix it... All blasted night!!! Argggggg! !@!%#%
I hate life right now. I really do.
I have my OB appointment later today, so maybe then I will have something to say that is actually relevant to the pregnancy blog.

Added later:
I am pretty sure that my computer and router are fixed. I ponied up some dough to get a technician from the router company to configure and secure it for me. Things are looking brighter. At my OB appointment they got me some more pills for my UTI, to help with the discomfort. They make my pee bright orangey red, which I find delightfully amusing. Everything looks fine with the pregnancy. He says I measure 26 weeks, which is only 5 days off of my actual 26 weeks and 5 days. Which, would make sense to me since I think I may be a little less far along because of my long cycles. Heart rate 152. Weight gain fine.

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