Monday, January 25, 2010

Kitty Attention and Blood Test Results

My growing belly recieved some attention from my cat today. It was hilarious. I was sitting there watching a labor video with the nurses that visit me and Cabello came over and sat nose-to-belly and just stared. I wonder if he could see it moving or if he could hear something... who knows. It was just so funny to see staring so intently at my belly. That was the first time he has really paid it any irregular attention.
The nurse from my doctors office called to let me know that my glucose test came back normal, but that I am anemic. So I will start taking an iron supplement. No big deal. Just might be a reason I have been really tired. Nothing to worry about though.

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  1. My goodness!!! That cracks me up! Nacho just likes that I'm getting fat... it's a better place for her to sleep. LOL! Sorry... I didn't see you called until later. Friday (2/5/2010) the R.S. is making quiet books for kids for sacrament meetings at like 10 and I was thinking it might be fun to go. I'll give you a call. :)