Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have been having some crazy dreams. So far I have had two strange breastfeeding dreams and last night I had a crazy birth dream. I went into labor and it only lasted a couple of minutes and out came my cat. Perhaps I had this dream because I was thinking before I fell asleep that my friend Kelly's baby weighed as much as my cat (8 lbs) at birth. Anyways, things only got worse after that in my dream. I delivered the placenta and all that junk on the ground outside alone. Then later in the hospital I really had to pee but I was so afraid to do it because no one had told me how I should wipe now that I had a stitched up perineum. Sleep is so stressful! Every time I wake up from these dreams I am soaked in sweat.

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  1. I had some crazy dreams during pregnancy as well! I was always being chased by some mama animal that thought I was endangering your young one. ;)