Monday, February 1, 2010

Rhogam Shot

Today I got the Rhogam shot. It is a shot they give to mothers who have a negative blood type. It will prevent me from making antibodies for positive blood types, should my baby turn out to have one. If she does, then I will get another one after her birth. If I didn't get the shot, and my baby had a positive blood type then the next time I get pregnant the antibodies that I would create might attack and destroy the new baby if its blood type was postive. Pretty smart that they figured all this out I think. I would hate to be back in the day when they didn't know about this kind of stuff.


  1. I had to have that too, and again after Aubree was born. It is crazy what they know these days isn't it? But thank goodness for it!! You are looking great btw.

  2. You're negative? I am too... Not looking forward to the shot!! :(

  3. I'm a lucky positive. I'm also glad to live in a time where there are so many technological advances, especially for keeping our babies as safe as we can.