Thursday, February 25, 2010

I swear its the snow boots!

If there were ever a need for concern about me not gaining enough weight, THAT NEED IS GONE! I am about at what I had planned not to go over. At this rate I will pass my goal weight in two weeks. I have 7 weeks to go! My doctor says that my weight is fine, but to try and only gain a pound a week from now on. I had them weigh me a second time without my snow boots on because at this point every pound counts to me. And to my relief, taking the snow boots off lost me 3 lbs. Thank goodness! So how will I do this, only gain a pound a week? Maybe I will stop using brownies, candy, and milkshakes as half of my food source. A quarter sounds good right? Maybe when I go out to eat 6 times in one weekend with my in-laws I will only order a salad. Probably not. Maybe I will stop talking so much in swim class and work out harder. Yea I can do that. So there you have it. Hopefully this baby will come a little early so I can stop all this impatient boredom eating.

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