Thursday, February 4, 2010

Waddle, Early Mornings, Big Movement

I am officially a waddler. At the church yesterday, some ladies from the Relief Society giggled as I walked by and informed me that I do the pregnant waddle. And yes, I can feel it; I do waddle. I feel enormous and somehow waddling just works better for getting from place to place.

For the past few weeks I have been waking up at around 5 am and not on purpose. I am still going to bed at the same time (around 1), so this is a big pain for me. Generally I can get back to sleep for a few more hours, but not until after Brady has left for work. I think it all started when Brady was doing his infectious disease rotation and was waking up not too far from this time to get ready to leave. So the time in between me waking and him leaving was not too long. Unfortunate for me, but fortunate for him, he hasn't had to be to work till around 8:30-9 since he started this new rotation. Thats quite a big gap where I am waiting around to go back to sleep. It is harder and harder to do the longer the gap. I hear that the further you get in pregnancy the harder it is to sleep because you are just so uncomfortable... so it looks like I am getting some early training in for the sleepless nights I will have once the baby is here.

The baby is alive and well. She makes this known to me in marathon jab sessions. It is no longer just little pokes or gassy sensations. It is big body parts trying to puncture through my belly and daily I can feel her literally kicking my butt from the inside. Sometimes she kicks me so hard it startles me and I jump. Boy this pregnancy thing is weird!

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